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mentioned his a significant impediment to the economy. if we see very large increases in taxes, and by the way, never liked the work fiscal cliff because it tends to but still lower spending with higher taxes. most of the problem is on the tax side, not thespending side. if we don't get that fixed we're going to have the very significant drag on this economy , sufficiently significant that we cold go into a recession. gerri: the national association of manufacturers out with a study showing that if everything does stay in place we will get unemployment at 12%, lose 6 million jobs. the report even says that the threat of the fiscal cliff cut half a percent of the gdp this year. the impact is already there. it will mean fewer jobs, less robust economy. the you think they are talking up the story are too pessimistic , do you think they're right on target? >> well, i would not doubt for their numbers, but i certainly agree with the direction that they're talking about. there is no question that it is not just uncertainty. it is the concern that we will have higher taxes and taxes o
to have an intermediary, although you can choose to. there is tax relief, how so? >> that is a question. in terms of tax relief, there are questions as to whether the legislators were going to reach out and provide tax benefits for businesses that have been affected by the disaster. historically we have not seen that, but it is being discussed. gerri: free legal services to be available from fema. is that typical? >> it is. the federal government reaches out and tries to do what i can't help small businesses. that is available from the government, where you can get those types of services. gerri: the cdc will have some clean-up tips. is that on their website. >> absolutely. you can go to cdc and get those helpful tips as well. gerri: i know people tonight are sitting at home talking about what can i do, what can i do right now to help get this back up and running? would you say to people who are looking for that disaster plan? >> you need to assess the damage, assess the damage i like to your existing business, but project going forward with this will do to your local economy, particula
of the car. after that, it is game over. >> mitt romney said he will not release any more tax returns. he said he guarantees that he peewees 13% every year. that is not a tax, that's a tip, okay? >> mitt romney told kelley river that he tries were as little as possible when he goes to bed. this explains why he said he's eager he is eager to become the first minute when she. >> just a few of the jobs and it turns out that most of the wisecracking was at romney's expense. care to break it down is racial demagoguery from the 70s to obama. tell me what to make of these numbers that we just talked about? remark we are talking about think that the democrats had done. and they thought, well, that's funny. anyone who knows anything about politics, they want you to think about what happens, and the letterman joked, they possibly could be funny. he is famous for flying southwest even when it's not campaigning. [talking over each other] it wasn't quite the same way. but the people in the audience should get the joke come and, and stupid people should not understand that. [laughter] you have to be st
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)